Tuesday, April 7, 2009

தபு சங்கரின் காதல் வரிகள்

என்னை நல்லவன் என்று
அந்த நினைப்பில்
மண் அள்ளிப் போட்டுவிடும் போலிருக்கிறது
உன் மீதான காதல்.

உன் வீட்டுமுன் காய்ந்து கொண்டிருக்கும்
உனது அடையை திருடி வரச்சொல்லி
நச்சரிகிறதே மனசு..

என்ன அழகான வரிகள் இந்த வரிகளில் ஒவ்வொரு நிமிடமும் சிக்கிக் கொல்கிறது அசைவுகள்.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fevicryl workshop In Chennai

Hi to all

Here is a happy news for all .

Fevicryl workshop In Chennai

Date: Start frm April 7 to 17

Venue: Adambakkam and T.nagar.

Adambakkam adress: Mangayarkarasi Magalir Manram Hall,

11th cross street,

shastri Nagar,


Contact no: 9840544420

This is published in Chennai times In Events page Under Summer camp column with heading Craft Nest.

Hope u all use this opportunity

Patiala salwar Pattern

Hi to all. Now most of the girls like to wear patiala salwar.Every ones eye turn back when a girl wearing patiala.Most of the girls longing to stitch patiala and search in Google and get tired.Now i post the pattern for patiala, its very similar to normal salwar bottom stitching. If you are familiar in normal salwar bottom stitching, patiala is easy.

Now we start learning patiala,in general you have to take 6 measurements.I mentioned below
In general:
Full length ( full length of the salwar bottom)
seat round
leg round (bottom of the salwar you have a hole to insert your leg,measure it)
crotch length
hip to seat length
seat to bottom (from seat to bottom of the salwar)

Front and back panel:
0-1 => seat to bottom+ 2.5"
0-2 => Complete width of the material
2-4 => depending on the built of the person( i mentioned above as crotch length)
1-3 => leg round + 1"
3-4 => join 3 to 4 with a curve line.

waist band:
0-1 & 2-3 =>seat round/4
0-2 & 1-3 => hip to seat + 1.5"

When cutting for a salwar bottom note the below two,
For front and back panel mark 0-1 (i.e: a,I mention in the draft) on the folded edge of the fabric.
For waist band 0-2 in the folded edge

Before try in the fabric ,first draft the measurement and cut in the chart paper ( if u dont av it in home,no probs use news paper) and cut it, then try it in fabric.

Note: before u buy a fabric ,buy a fabric which av more width. Becoz more width make patiala most elegant.
Sewing notes:

1. Attach the canvas to the leg round and complete the leg round.

2.Join both the leg portions along the crotch line.

3.Join the sides of the leg portion.

4.Complete the waist band.

5. Join each leg portion with the waist band by taking pleats along the portion of each leg portion. Make sure the pleats are of equal width. The pleats should start from the centre of the front portion of the waist band and extend upto the centre of the back of the waist band.

6. The pleats of each leg portion should be facing each other.

Now your patiala is ready to wear. Be Fashionable......